Here the Niceville High School and the Tanabe Commercial High School (of Japan) teams are hearing instructions from Dr. Yoshihisa Shirayama (the Principal NaGISA Investigator) on what specimens might be encountered in the coming collection/analysis.  This is being conducted during the 1st Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Collaborative School Science Network exchange at Kyoto University’s Seto Marine Biological Research Laboratory in July 2004

Mud dredge retrieval

The combined teams travel to a collection site in Tanabe Bay on a research vessel belonging to the Seto Lab.  Here a sand sample will be dredged from the sea bottom.

The combined teams participate in analysis phase NaGISA training in the Seto Lab under the direction of the NaGISA staff.

The Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Collaborative School Science Network teams with the NaGISA Headquarters staff pose in front of local landmark near the Seto Lab in Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan.

NHS and Japanese students process mud samples.

Student Jill Fraley does meiobenthos analysis.

Dr. Shirayama assists Japanese student with rock shore collection

NHS student Alexandra Dalton separates specimens

Meiobenthos specimen

Meiobenthos specimens

NHS students and japanese student prepare joint presentation.

Joint presentation of results.