This is a group picture of all the participants of the 1st NaGISA World Conference

Members of the Niceville High School NaGISA Briefing Team at the World Conference (Right to left—Dr. Yoshihisa Shirayama, NaGISA Principal Investigator; Ann Durrenberger, Class of 2008; Jason Baker, Class of 2007; an unidentified member of the conference

Presentation of the Analysis Poster to Dr. P. Robin Rigby by Miriam Mohammed, Class of 2009 with Cyndi Milum, Class of 2009, looking on

The Niceville High School NaGISA team was invited to participate in the 1st NaGISA World Conference in Kobe, Japan in October 2006.  Eight students and seven faculty members traveled to this conference where the students made two poster presentations.   At the conference, the Niceville High School team was welcomed as full participants.  Based on the quality of the presentations made by the students and their ability to answer all questions, the team was invited to send a group to Tanzania to establish a NaGISA High School Initiative and collection site in the area of Kizimkazi.